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If you think that mastering conversational French could make your next trip even more amazing, then keep reading.

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Have you tried to learn French before, but got frustrated & quit before getting anywhere?

Does learning French seem nearly impossible to you, or too time consuming?

It doesn't have to be! And here's how I know...

What REALLY works for my personal students...

My name is Amelie Delmotte, and I've successfully taught over 300 students personally in my Brisbane, Australia classroom over the last 5 years

So needless to say, I've figured out what works and what doesn't.Many students have come to me frustrated and fed up with bloated & complicated courses that cost hundreds of dollars. The simple fact is that instilling a Love of French is the best way to ensure success in learning quickly.

But how do you do that, anyway? Well, the key is to get the tools to understand and speak basic French, so French culture comes alive for you!

I'm going to show you how to do that in only a few nights...I'm NOT going to crush you with grammatical rules and theory like some other courses do. You'll only learn what you need to know to start to speak, and when you finally DO, you'll gain momentum fast!

So What Exactly Will You Learn?

Well, it doesn't have to be complicated to communicate with French speakers.

If you're worried you'll be stuck at a bus stop or embarrassed at a cafe when you forget what to say...

It's OK - I have you covered.

You can recline in a comfy chair while you learn these essentials:

  • How to ask for directions in any situation (& how to understand directions from people who speak zero English)
  • Cafe vocabulary & ordering food (so the waitress won't be able to tell you're not French!
  • A quick & easy method to learn & remember the numbers 1 to 100
  • How to understand opening hours and ask about daily timetables (to eliminate scheduling mistakes and make the most of your time abroad)
  • The vocabulary you need to know to shop for food, presents and clothes
  • Travel vocabulary (so always know what to ask at the airport, hotel and transit systems)
  • How to ask for help (if you ever get lost in France)
  • Basic French manners and cultural conventions you need to know
  • Simple video lessons that take care of language learning hurdles for you, so you can take your next trip to France with confidence

Video Section

Greeting saying hello and goodbye using the numbers o to 10


Giving your nationality saying where you are from? using the numbers 11 to 20


Introducing to friends and family saying how old are you using numbers 21 to 69


Ordering a drink in a cafe using numbers 70 to 100


Buying food naming fruits and vegetables


Shopping for presents and clothes learn about colours


Booking a room in a hotel saying which type of room you want spelling your name


Understanding basic directions asking for a specific place


Understanding opening hours and making enquiries


And, as I'm sure you can imagine, knowing French will allow you to experience French culture as never before! Right now, you can get all of this at a special low price. Don't worry, it's much less than you think. But just to warn you: as I collect more testimonials for the course, the price will probably go up. But today, you can access the entire course for only $250 Click below to instantly access the French crash course, and start your exciting adventure into French culture today!


- Here's what my other students say -

Amelie is a highly skilled and experienced professional French Language Teacher. Amelie structures learning programs to meet the needs of her students and because she listens is able to adapt her approach as necessary to ensure students gain the specific results they desire. Amelie is honest and sincere and always willing to listen. Amelie is results orientated and...more

Brenton Hawtin
Study Manager at Productora Copper Project